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You are an incredibly great guy and a seriously gifted actor....."
--Jonathan Demme


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actor - acting instructor - corporate performance coach - corporate comedian - emcee - trade show host - roasts - script writer - script fixer - comedy murder mystery maven
and of course, private party bartender

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*So, you are asking, just who and what is this handsome, young Joey Perillo?
Joey Perillo is an accomplished legit actor and corporate comedian (illegit?) with a long list of credits on the stage and on screens both large and small. When not sharing the lens with other celluloid luminaries Joey can be found bringing mirth and happiness to corporate audiences at trade shows and sundry events all over the continent in a myriad of roles and engaging in a myriad of original schtick……(or schtickiness, to use the proper King's English)……..and other esoteric stuff……. all with an aim toward alleviating the boredom,  stress and tedium inherent in corporate events.

Or perhaps you'll find Joey delivering an original roast or expert comic speech at a corporate event in Madison Square Garden or in Cancun or Santa Monica or Toronto or at some robber barons rundown crib in Greenwich, north of The City…..or somewheres else…….

Joey condescends to appear in major motion pictures and television shows just to pay the bills so he can continue to pursue his Life Long Love of  performing various and sundry original bits of comic business for the corporate community.

Joey does this both for the emotional satisfaction he gets in his heart and soul for helping those hapless folks get through their droll lives----and the fact that they generally pay him outrageous amounts of money for very, very little actual work, and feed him well and fly him all about in the comfort and luxury to which he has become accustom and the which he so richly deserves. And sometimes they pay in cash.

Please peruse this hastily constructed, poorly worded website---and email me if you have an idea of something you want me to do for you or you have money in your company budget that you have to get rid of so you can ask for an increased budget for next year. And thank you for reading this far………

New York-Philadelphia-Los Angeles-Baltimore-Washington-Chicago-Miami-Las Vegas-Phoenix-Princeton
and Levittown
all places I've read about!

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Where I am featured as the Investigator for the Medical Examiner in the award winning HBO series,
"The Wire."


Watch me match wits with Officer Jimmy McNulty (Dominic West)


For your On Demand Pleasure: the small screen is graced with the appearance of Joey Perillo on an obscure HBO show called "The Sopranos" as the handsome, young asbestos engineer, John Stefano. Watch for reruns! Buy the DVD!

Can't tell you anything more about it on account then I'd have to.......
well, you know.......

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Corporate Comedian
Acting Teacher
Real actor!

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Doctor Johnny Pharma for Hoffman LaRoche, Canada in Cancun for The Equicom Group
[note: lines added to eye area to imply maturity]

Following is a candid photo of Mr. Perillo being subjected to harassment by a couple of co-workers whilst on a recent job in South Beach, Miami for Liberty Property Trust with the creative genius of The Creative Group, the inimitable Fred Stein........I am considering a lawsuit. Available contingency lawyers welcome to apply.


Joey Kookaburra for Atofina inAtlanta

Corporate Comedian
Just what does that mean and why do you need one?

Funny you should ask........
Well, how much value would there be in having your staff, associates or customers listen more attentively to your sufferatin' seminars and stultifying speechifying?
What if I tell you that having Joey Perillo lighten up your serious corporate events will result in happier, more motivated employees who suddenly realize you are a lot smarter that they had ever imagined?
What if I tell you that after you book JoeyPerillo


Consider the following self-serving hyperbole:
Joey is an accomplished entertainer who specializes in corporate comedy and trade shows. Despite the fact that he has been cast as a principal actor in
several major motion pictures-click here- and network television
Joey invariably finds his way back to the world of corporate entertainment writing variously amusing run-on sentences ignoring punctuation and syntax and referring to himself in the third person. This tendency toward "schtick" comes naturally to the handsome, young Perillo: there is anecdotal evidence that he is descended from the legendary borscht belt comedian,
Schecky Perillo
Herewith a non comprehensive, variously linked listing of what has come to be known and admired in the trade as:

Joey Perillo's Oeuvre:

Legitimate stage, screen & TV
Corporate Comedy & Executive Roasts 

Bogus Expert Speaker
Character MC

Comedy Murder Mysteries
Trade Show Host

Speech scripting and Doctoring 

                                                                                                   Birthday Roasts
                                                                                             Bartending & Light Housework.....
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Still wondering what to get that special someone for that special reason? Here's a special suggestion:

Paramount Pictures is pleased to announce the availability of the DVD release of the critically acclaimed update of the 1962 classic:

The Manchurian Candidate
  the handsome, young
Joey Perillo

directed with characteristic genius by my friend,
Academy Award winning director

Jonathan Demme

.........seen here indicating exactly how he wants the camera to frame the handsome, young FBI Agent, Jimmy, (portrayed brilliantly by Joey Perillo in the brilliant remake of the motion picture, "The Manchurian Candidate" ) in his brief yet crucial--some will say poignant---scene)

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or this gem from it!


From a halcyon Network TV season:

"Hack" Alert

CBS-TV is proud to announce that the episode of the critically and popularly acclaimed drama, "Hack" titled Signature which features Joey Perillo in the pivotal role of Larry Noble, handsome, young boating supply store owner, made its triumphant world-wide debut on Friday, April 4th at 9 PM and can be seen in incessant re-runs due to popular demand!
The effusive reviews are in and many viewer comments can be found

After giving them some much appreciated acting tips, Joey smiles condescendingly to actors
Andre Braugher and Paul Adelstein while shooting  a moving scene from the late CBS dramatic series "Hack."
photo courtesy Mary Brown and her super cool David Morse-Hack website: so go there already! Right HERE

If you missed my stellar performance you can see it right NOW by downloading the clip right HERE

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Gratuitous photos as tribute and
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Joey Perillo and legendary guitar god of Steely Dan and Doobie Brothers fame
Jeff "Skunk" Baxter

Joey Perillo and legendary singer songwriter "The Year of the Cat"
Al Stewart


This book is an absolute MUST HAVE for any actor ANYWHERE! There are invaluable tips for surviving in da bidness no matter where you are!
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