Agfa in Chicago
Atofina in Atlanta
Ortho-McNeil in Chicago
Your Show Here
Pennsylvania Convention Center Opening: "Build It And They Will Come"
See Phillies Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt in MY dress.....


Surviving in the Outback of Atlanta for chemical giant

Major, de rigeur HVAC industry trade show!

Atofina is the dominant player in the refrigerant game with their way cool product, ForaneTM, so they just wanted to establish their presence at this show with a no-sales-pressure, fun presentation.

The charmingly disheveled Joey Perillo provides comic relief and Casual Friday work wear advice to the incredulous straight man portrayed brilliantly by trade show genius,
Johnny Di Domenico!

Show goers made it a point to stop by the enormously popular booth to have some laughs and easily win a genuine replica of an adorable indigenous animal!
(noto bene: kangaroos are not indigenous to far as we know).

The set designed and constructed by those marvelous exhibit experts at
Impact Unlimited
under the ever watchful, omniscient eye of the inimitable Joe Young.......

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