Establish the tone and tempo
of your event
with a
Character MC

According to the definitive source of all knowledge, known and unknown – Wikipedia –
"A master of ceremonies (also used in its abbreviated forms MC or emcee) or compère is the official host of a staged event or similar performance. An MC usually presents performers, speaks to the audience, and generally keeps the event moving. An MC may also tell jokes or anecdotes.”

Perhaps the most important duty of a professional MC is the latter – keeping the event moving……the handsome, young corporate friendly Joey Perillo can and will keep your event moving while keeping it light and keeping it clean.

Why a “character”? A character as MC can be a representative “type” from your business or an academic of dubious credentials brought in to bring a comically skewed perspective to your event. Or not! Can’t think of a great character to have as your MC?
Here’s a tried and true, memorable suggestion:

The Handsome young Lothario,

Vinnie Testosteroni*


Cheesy enough for ya?
He sings, too.......
Let this guy moderate your event! Nobody will forget it, that's for sure........

Hey, Here's Vinnie when he was MC for a concert on the Moshulu in Philadelphia featuring Guitar Maven Extraordinaire, the lead axe handler for TheDoobie Brothers and Steely Dan,

Jeff "Skunk" Baxter...

*Vinnie is a cavonne. You would not want your daughter to be going out with him (although it may be too late). While never overtly profane this character is less than sensitive to corporate political correctness....which is part of his charm.....if you do not find such down-scale realism to be amusing please book Donnie Osmond instead......

Thank you.
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