Comedy Murder Mysteries*

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The dashing, debonair
Detective Angelo Peccadillo
(photo by Joseph Samuel Perillo)

*caveat: these murders are very different than other murders you may have been witness to....our plots are ridiculous and the characters are played by YOUR GUESTS.  This is not presentational entertainment that you simply watch.....You do all the work and I get all the money.........

House Parties-Social Groups-Fundraisers-Country Clubs-Corporate Events

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Nothing lightens up a typical house party, social gathering, church, synagogue or business function like a well executed Murder......or
Comedy Murder Mystery
to be precise.

Joey Perillo's current tax dodge known as Lighten Up Productions offers hilarious, highly recommended Murders featuring a handsome, young professional actor and a cast of supporting actors chosen from among your guests! Event organizers always seem to know exactly whom to cast as the "aging , pompous blow-hard who thinks he's a lady killer" and similar stereotypical roles. Often this is the Boss, the Husband, the Pastor or the Rabbi!.
These Murders can be customized for your group or function for even more money!.


Prior to the event the Host decides who among the guests should play the various roles. The Host then gives each of these "guest actors" a short character description (which we provide) with plausible motives for Murder.

(Yes, one of your dear guests is the perpetrator of this heinous crime. Isn't that just too precious?)

Many times the guests are not told the nature of the evening's entertainment. Sometimes they are told it's a Murder Mystery but no other details. Sometimes they know everything. It's up to you. Many times guests are encouraged to dress according to the theme and to play along from the time they arrive.

*Cocktails: while your other guests enjoy each others company, the chosen guest actors are spirited away to a secret place and are given props and reassurance that they will be brilliant. These characters remain secreted as the spirit of bon homey [excuse my french] in the party room is seriously disrupted by the entrance of a mysterious, handsome young character who greets your guests and apprises them of the true nature of the evening. He then announces the dinner is ready. Once the guests have begun eating and the professional actor and whatever entourage he has gratuitously brought with him has consumed large quantities of your food and beverages, someone is murdered !

*During Dinner:

Featuring the grilling of and fervent, highly amusing denials and pleas from your guest actors.
Badly, if not earnestly acted "confessions" performed by your guests and the subsequent arrest of the Murderer. Then a cheap, useless prize is awarded to the best actor!
Then you pay me and we finally leave !

Doesn't this sound like fun ? Of course it does !

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click HERE for Descriptions of available murders


Waste Management (3 murders), Haddon Heights Borough (3 murders); Glaxo-Smith Kline (many murders, many divisions); Wyeth (almost as many as Glaxo!); Sunoco; PeopleSoft; PepsiCo; Business Information Technology; American Bar Association; General Electric Nuclear;
European American Bank; Discover Card (Greenwood Bank); Hercules, Inc.; Friends of Hebrew University; Centeon Corp.; Newtown (PA) Rotary Club; Ye Olde Temperance House; ICI Americas; Arthritis Foundation ; DuPont Country Club (several); State Farm Insurance; Medford Lakes Educational Foundation; Penn Options (Phila Stock Exchange); Prudential Insurance; Bucks County  Department of Parks & Recreation; Northampton Township Parks & Rec (Bucks County); AT&T (several); Lucent Technologies; the former Smith-Kline; Brooklyn Union Gas;
ISES (Philadelphia); AAI Engineering;
Sportsman's Lodge (Studio City, CA); Taylor Hospital (PA) Gala (Bellevue Hotel Philadelphia); SMS Accounting (Wilmington); Old Original Bookbinders; Zeneca Corporation; Torresdale Frankford Country Club;  SCT Technologies;  Comcast; Elemica; Master & Sidlow; Har Zion Synagogue; Bucks County Libraries; Several A.C. Casinos;
Intíl Customer Service Association Delaware Valley Chapter and Garden State (NJ) Chapter; First County Bank; several now defunct banks -
and a buncha others that I can't remember!

Let me trash your next party!

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