Bogus Corporate  Speaker


Renown Comic Genius and Bon Vivant

      Joey Perillo

(not pictured below)

This  is a comic speech presentation by an industry "expert" designed to add some levity to an otherwise intense day of seminars, legitimate speeches and other presentations. It is often introduced just after a lunch break when the participants may be somewhat lethargic and may not be particularly enthusiastic about the prospect of a long afternoon of work ahead. In fact, the more the host builds up the intro as another work related speech the better. Of course you may find many other occasions when this bit of foolishness may be more than welcome.....

The host introduces Doctor J. Philip Vandever, Professor of Marketing at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. He is a serious, handsome,  young man who looks nothing like the somewhat professorial looking fellow depicted above. He does, however, look very much like Joey Perillo in a fine Republican suit (a rental).

He begins to read a speech with which he is obviously unfamiliar. It is a dry and deadly boring speech ostensibly having to do with product marketing. He droneth on. Unable to maintain this charade, he soon admits that  he is not in fact Professor Vandever but rather a fill-in sent by the Kelley Dames Temp Agency. He has written his own material, however, in hopes of securing a position with your company. He proceeds to enlist the aid of 4 volunteers to enact a script-in-hand dramatization of a highly amusing Sales and Marketing scenario incorporating the client's product or service.
The "volunteers" are pre-selected with the help of the client and do not always know they were going to be called upon. Other funny stuff me......

This is an opportunity for management people to be seen doing something amusing. Or it can be a CEO or other high placed company official seen as having a good sense of humor, etc.

(DISCLAIMER: No management personnel are injured or otherwise physically abused in the course of this presentation).

The total time of this speech and play is 35-50 minutes depending on audience response which is invariably ecstatic. This presentation works especially well because the nature of the entertainment is so unexpected and welcome.
So is your check so call me.

Excellent corporate references available….some are authentic…..well, one is......

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