left to right: Mike Schmidt, Harry Kalas, Joey Perillo, Tug McGraw
(Private note to Webmaster: is this picture murky enough?)

A couple of years back I was commissioned by the venerable Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau's Sports & Entertainment Commission to write, direct and narrate a comic skit in celebration of the grand opening of the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia.
The skit was to reflect the borrowed theme of "build it and they will come." (get it?) So I did. (and they did).
The critically and popularly acclaimed piece featured the following thespianic stalwarts:


(in appropriate costumes)

                                      Character                                                                    Played by

Shoeless Tug
Frank Edward "Tug" McGraw, Baseball Icon
The Mayor of the Town
Edward "Eddie" Rendell, America's Mayor
William Penn
Bill Giles, Owner Philadelphia Phillies
City Councilman
Thatcher Longstreth, City Councilman
Voice of God
Harry Kalas, Voice of God
Joey Perillo, Comic Genius

and finally, in the role of America's Colonial Sweetheart,
the inimitable Philadelphia Phillies Hall of fame 3rd baseman:

(in my dress....)

[Note: There are probably very few photos of Mike Schmidt in a dress. I could be wrong, but.......]

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