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Smoking Gun From Philip Morris

....regarding Joey Perillo.......As you know Philip Morris is a Fortune 500 company and as such accepts nothing but the best. With Joey Perillo heading up the entertainment, you're getting the best. He is extremely talented, professional, and strives to make the client happy. We have used Joey on many occasions and feel that his performances only enhance our meetings. He is a true pleasure to work with and always exceeds expectations. If you are seeking quality entertainment I would recommend Joey without reservation.

Michelle J. Baker

Philip Morris, Inc.

in re:

Historical Character Appearance

"Joey Perillo, in his characterization of Old Tom Morris, Sr. the legendary 19th century Scottish golf professional, brought a dimension of history to life! Our guests and patrons were transported back in time through his ability to blend well researched facts with warm, entertaining humor!  Our planning team is already thinking about what character Joey will bring to life at next year's Philadelphia Golf Heritage Festival!"

Nancy Dunleavy
Vice President, Corporate Development
Friends Behavioral Health System
4641 Roosevelt Boulevard


Character MC for Cingular Wireless

......in response to my incessant needy Emails gratingly trying to elicit comment
the following was  received:

"Thank you, Joey. The client was VERY happy. I thought you got the best possible performance out of the senior executive "show host." You played very well off each other.
"We just received more kudos from one of the Cingular people as we speak. She said people are still talking about the event. Good job!"

Suzanne Magrowski
Thomas Advertising

Bogus Expert Guest Speaker

Dear Joey,
TheNew CastleCountyChamber of Commerce would like to thank you for helping us launch the Membership Campaign to an exciting and memorable beginning.
We truly enjoyed your performance. Your presentation as "Vice President of Membership of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce" was extremely humorous and entertaining. You did an incredible job!
If there is anything we can do for you please don't hesitate to call.

R. Scott Barker
VPSales & Marketing
New CastleCounty (DE) Chamber of Commerce

Comedy Murder Mystery House Party at the domicile of Un-named Celebrity Sports Talk Radio Host

I just wanted to tell you what a marvelous time everyone had last night at
the party. You were terrific! Everyone called us today to say how
much fun they had - in fact, you'll be getting a call from one guest, Andy
Rosen, who said he'd like to host a party for his office staff.
  Again, it was great.
Thanks for a great time.

Un-Named Celebrity Radio Host

Character MC for Hospital Fund Raiser

Dear Joey,

On behalf of the Crozer Employee Annual Fund Committee I would like to thank you for making our Kick-Off Talent Show a very special event. Your hilarious entrance started the excitement and you created a wonderfully entertaining atmosphere for our courageous talent show entrants. The employees loved the way you interacted with the entrants as well as the audience. As you could see it was standing room only and many people could not even get into the auditorium!
[editor's note: I think the doors were locked.......]
The Kickoff resulted in over $14,000 in donations and the enthusiasm you created has brought donations to over $41,000 in the first two weeks of the campaign!
I bet the "Homicide" ratings go up with Crozer employees tuning in! [ed. note: they didn't.......]

B.J. Moore
Director of Development
Crozer-Chester Foundation

Dear Schmuck,
You listen to me and you listen good you scrawny assed half dago actor bastid........If I ever catch you around my daughter again I'll.........
Note to editor: kill this! What is this doing here? I thought we took care of this guy......
Note from editor: What are you worried about.....nobody's  gonna read this far anyways........

Character Game Show Host for Well Respected Software Company

Dear Joey,
I was very appreciative that you could help us with such short notice, and you were very accommodating. Not only that, but you were professional and very funny.  You made our event memorable and it was a big success.

Christine Bainbridge
Marketing Supervisor

Comedy Murder at a Typical Synagogue Fund Raiser-Social

Hi guys Just wanted to thank you both again. The event was a great success
and people were talking about it this morning at the synagogue. In fact
I think some people were still walking around in character. Hopefully the
people who weren't there will be sorry they missed it. Our goal is to do it
again next year . ........... you can be
sure I will pass on your number. Thanks again and keep up the fun stuff.

Bensalem, PA

Comment From A Government Representative

Yeah, we see a lot of Joey. Seems to go in cycles. Actually, we've seen his work and can't figure out why we don't see much more of him......go figure.

Reginald J. Finsterflepp
Unemployment Division
Pennsylvania Dept of Labor

Sundry other folks I have worked for and hope to weasel kind words from which I'll post someday:

Ed Rendell, Philadelphia Mayor for Life (and now Governor-elect of Pennsylvania)
Jonathan Demme, Academy Award winning motion picture director
Bill Giles, Former Owner Philadelphia Phillies
Arthritis Foundation
Activities, Inc.
Events Magazine
AAA Mid-Atlantic
Convention Arrangements
Laffer Productions
Rainbow Productions
Professional Event Planners
Showcase Associates
Mike Lemon Casting
Hollywood Pop Gallery
Roberts Event Group
Purple Haze Eventions
Impact Unlimited
Phila Convention & Visitors Bureau
Advanced Staffing
Irv FlieglemanInsurance

Eddie Bruce
Angela Atencio, UCLA
American Historical Theatre
Bob Egan Entertainment

Brooklyn Union Gas (Keyspan Energy)
BucksCountyConference & VisitorsBureau
Current Events
Moore Events

Fred Beans Organization

The Big Event

More coming as I invent them!

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