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Comedy Murder Mystery
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NOTICE: Due to the overwhelming popular and critical response to my stellar turn as the handsome, young corrupt asbestos inspector on "The Sopranos" I will only be offering my hi-frikken-larious mob murder as described below........

DING DONG DA DON IS DEADů..a good-natured Mob Mystery

Tonight is the first time in 57 years that the local rival mob families are calling a truce. After decades of bloody name calling and tasteless practical jokes (and some murders), the Dons and their wives, the Donnas, will meet tonight to give each other the famed "kiss of Vazool", or the kiss of respect. Everyone who is or ever had been "connected" is here tonight to share in this historic event and to help elect the new Don-this has all the makings of a night of Greed, Passion, Treachery, and Heartburn! Each Don has made a sacred vow to forsake all vendettas and stop the killings. Well, they lied ! Who could resist a little murder when all your enemies are in the same room at the same time ? And what about Naomi ?

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