"Joey, you are a great guy and a seriously gifted actor." - Jonathan Demme

Academy Award Winner, "Silence of the Lambs"

Even though my appearance on the 2016 Golden Globes Awards telecast with my scene partner, Denzel Something has brought me much renown and admiration, (not to mention a boost for Denzel's career) -

I have elected not to decrease the number of locations of my incomparable Adult Acting Classes now that I'm even more famous, but rather to offer more options!
Intermediate and a New Intro Class! To wit:

Acting Class

very small class size - everybody works!
accepting new qualified actors!


  Historic Fallsington Library
139 Yardley Avenue
Fallsington, PA 19054
Bucks County

Two hour class, consecutive Thursday Nights - 7pm - 9pm

$140 fee is payable in advance for each four week segment

EMAIL FOR DETAILS: schtickmeister@gmail.com

Please note that the
entire four week segment fee is expected upon registration or at the first class and it includes the first four consecutive weeks that class is held -  whether you come to all four classes or only manage to make it to ONE class, same price! -  so please understand: it's a commitment!

(and yes, some exceptions can apply such as scheduled vacations and other unavoidable commitments noted at time of registration)

Introduction to Acting
Actors Needing To Dust Off Their Dormant Skills!
Historic Fallsington Library
Historic Fallsington, PA!
Monday Evenings, 7:00-9:30
$150 for the 5 week session - includes donation to the Library!


Class size limited: Email HERE for more info or to save your seat

"Taking excellent acting classes will help you in every aspect of your life. My classes emphasize creativity and spontaneity, critical thinking and intelligent script and scene analysis - skills you already have in life and need to sharpen and strengthen.
My classes are excellent. You belong in the class."

--Joey Perillo - working actor and entertainer  more than 30 years, adult and children's acting instructor 20+ years.

unsolicited endorsement:

Joey Perillo gets Denzel Washington's attention
click HERE to watch the scene from "Philadelphia"


Not just for actors!

Seasoned Actors, Relative beginners with some class and/or stage experience, Lawyers, Writers, Comedians, Musicians
Corporate Executives and Sales Account Executives who want to improve their demonstrations, speeches, and lectures - their
"stage presence"

and of course -
Creative People of all stripes - who have what it takes looking for the perfect escape from their respective comfort zones! -

please contact me to discuss and mutually agree on your participation

Free Your Inner Actor Now!
you owe it to yourself

Everyone who has ever participated in any of my classes loves them. That is a given -  An Immutable Law of Nature, if you will (or even if you won't).

Now there's no excuse sign up now become a great actor!
Click Here: schtickmeister@gmail.com

 These classes are guaranteed to change your life!

 E-MAIL or call (215)-801-4112 NOW TO SAVE A SPACE WITH YOUR NAME ON IT! extremely limited class size
(private coaching available)
both intro and experienced levels -

John Stefano with Robert "Bobby Bacala" Baccalieri, Jr
click HERE to watch clip from "The Sopranos"

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BONUS: refer a friend or other socially maladroit acquaintance and get $1 off your tuition! (restrictions apply, not valid in Delaware, Pennsylvania or New Jersey)

From a brilliant comedienne I coached for an
HBO pilot audition:

"Joey......"thank you" over and over......I think I nailed the audition. I've never done an audition where all the producers in the room said, while I was still on-stage, "That was awesome". And I absolutely couldn't have pulled that off without your help and insight and hard work. I kept many things that you told me in my head and they proved more than beneficial, they inspired me to new efforts, particularly in shedding tension before I stepped up. Dude you made me look good and I'm eternally grateful, thank you for this wonderful feeling of setting a goal and achieving it."

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Gratuitous picture of John Barrymore

Free Your Inner Actor Now!
you owe it to yourself

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Typical entranced Student


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