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Pennsylvania Convention Center Opening: "Build It And They Will Come"
See Phillies Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt in MY dress.....

Harry King for Agfa in Chicago

Smash Hit!
Critically and Popularly acclaimed!

......created and produced by the brilliant Patricia Hennigan of the international award winning marketing and communications colossus Impact Unlimited......
2 shows an hour extolling the virtues of the product featuring pre-taped video of the
Agfa representatives interacting with Harry!
Made into a high quality CDROM so they can just play the CD and never have to hire me again!
Hey, wait a minute........

The CD could not be used, however, by Roche Canada when they booked me to do the Kingster in Vegas......this time I dyed my hair, just like Larry does........

So what was the point of this?

AGFA was able to attract large numbers of potential customers to their show booth for a 12 minute information packed live presentation which blended humour and factual info once every hour of every day of the show! AGFA's sales were well beyond all expectations.
Coincidence?I DON'T THINK SO.

Similarly but differently......
Roche-Canada was able to have their Marketing Department impart vitally important information (including possible client objections) to their own Sales Staff in a very different, amusing way.
Harry's live guests were the very Marketing Folks who might ordinarily have been forced to stand at the podium and put the sales staff to sleep with a Powerpoint presentation and accompanying droned narration and lame jokes!

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pssst....wanna see Philadelphia Phillies hall of fame 3rd baseman Mike Schmidt in a dress?

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